New Experimental Event for 2017 State Tournament: Impromptu Storytelling

By | November 30, 2016

Since 2015, TIFA has begun implementing experimental events to its roster of competition.  While we are going to continue including Radio Broadcasting at the state tournament, 2017 will test a new event-  Impromptu Storytelling.  Here is a description of the event as taken from the Transylvania University’s tournament invitation:

What is Impromptu Storytelling? – Students will have a max of three minutes to prep and a separate seven to speak.  In Round One they will be given a character (e.g. “Father of the Year” Award winner) and a situation (e.g. substitute teaching for a Kindergarten class) and asked to tell a third person omniscient perspective story about that character in that situation.  In Round Two they will be given a theme (e.g., “The Long and Winding Road”) and asked to tell a first person narrative based on that theme.  Those creative/fortunate enough to make the finals will be given a word or an object and asked to tell a story from whatever perspective they choose. 


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